The life artistic – When in Rome …


A major part of settling in to any new place is working out what the locals like to do, and joining in.  Here in Muizenberg, the thing to do on a Friday night seems to be to go to the Friday Market at the Bluebird Garage.

South Africa 2015 (1)

Set in an old light-aircraft hangar at the edge of the town centre, the market acts as a meeting and eating place for what seems like the entire town.  It’s a wonderful mix of stalls selling fresh fruit and veg, bread and locally made treats, hot food, local craft beers and wines, and clothes and jewellery made by local craftsmen and women.  The vibe is great, and the friendly atmosphere is exemplified by the long tables that fill the hangar, crammed with people from all walks of life, happily squashing up to make room for each other.  Everyone here seems to live by the motto written on the table tops …

SA 2014 (16)

I couldn’t agree more.  And with an ever changing line up of food stalls to choose from, the big problem is going to be tasting them all before they’re gone!  I’ve decided, in the true spirit of exploration, to make it my mission to try them all before I leave, and then to tell you all about them here.  These past two weeks, I’m afraid to say, I was drawn back to the same stall, Grub, but their menu looked so good that you can’t really blame me.  Last week I tried the slow roasted pork belly with mushroom spaetzle.  I couldn’t resist.  After living in Switzerland, any mention of spaetzle, golden little squiggles of noodley goodness, and I’m sold.  These were excellent.  They perfectly complemented the mushrooms and soaked up the juices from the moist, tender, crispy on the outside, pork belly.  I really wish I had a picture to show you, but suffice it to say that I had a moment with this particular plate of food, and it will remain a fond memory.

South Africa 2015 (4) BW

OK, so it was quite an effort to resist buying it again this week, but I was determined to try something new.  Admittedly I didn’t get too far with that, returning to Grub once more with my eyes fixed firmly on their fried chicken, but the delay to my exploration was so worth it.

South Africa 2015 (3)

The chicken was moist and juicy, the coating was crisp, and the combination of rich blue cheese and spiky Sriracha hot sauce was a revelation.  I have never thought to mix blue cheese and chilli, which is probably a huge flaw on my own part, but it was great.  I’m not sure every type of chilli would work, but the vinegary tang of the Thai Sriracha sauce worked so well to cut through the creamy richness of the blue cheese.  All in all it got 2 very enthusiastic thumbs up.

I’m going to have to try very hard next week to choose something from a different stall.  Or possibly just come back to Grub for, er, savoury dessert, afterwards.  I haven’t tried their BBQ ribs yet …



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