The life theologic – Transitioning


It feels like it’s all happened in the blink of an eye, but somehow we’ve reached week twelve of the DTS and have moved from lectures to full time outreach preparation. Over the last eleven weeks we have been taught by lecturers from 6 different nations, covering topics as diverse as relationships, hearing God’s voice, worship, the bible, the Holy Spirit, destiny, the father heart of God, and cross cultural communication. All this has left our brains somewhat saturated, so it’s nice to spend some time looking outwards at what we can bring to our outreach. The good news is that our entire team will be able to go! One week before we had to pay for the coach tickets, we were ZAR 30,000 (about £1700) short. By the grace of God, within the week we raised the full amount from generous donations, sponsored runs, bake sales and fundraising at the Cape Town carnival. We are so blessed to be able to take the full contingent with us, and God has already given us an amazing testimony of His provision to share when we get there.

Mozam 2Our plans have changed slightly due to some concerns about the safety of the road between Maputo and Dondo, and us not wanting to get caught up in political warfare, so we’re now going to be splitting our time 50/50 between White River and Dondo, travelling up to Mozambique through Zimbabwe. This really is the long way around, and means hours and hours on several coaches, but we think it will be worth it. It’s exciting to get to see some of Zimbabwe too, even if it is just from the window of the coach. The base at Dondo is very under-staffed, so we have an opportunity to really make a difference there both with the children’s work, and by working on construction projects in the community. In White River, the main areas of ministry are going to be working in jails and among prostitutes, as well as children’s work, so much of our time is being spent rehearsing dramas and practising making friendship bracelets and face painting, along with daily Portuguese classes.

Outreach is supposed to be a time not only for putting what we learned in the lectures into practice, but also for stretching ourselves and growing in our giftings. This trip will certainly do that. Even compared to when we started the DTS, I have seen amazing amounts of growth in those around me, and in myself, but we are hoping for even more over the next 2 months. What I can say for certain is that we are all now ruined for the ordinary.

Internet access is unlikely to happen, and I won’t be able to post updates, so I’ll give the main prayer points now. We are really praying that the journeys will go smoothly, the border crossings will be pain free, and that we all stay healthy, because food-borne illnesses and malaria are real dangers. As for the communities we are going into, our main prayer is that we can love those that we meet in the best way possible, whatever that may look like.

Here’s to 2 amazing locations, and about 5 days of coach travel. See you on the other side … hopefully.


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