The life theologic – Outreach planning


We’re now at the halfway point of our DTS, and finally have an outreach location!

During our times of prayer and intercession, we’ve been asking God to show us where He wants to use us for our outreach, and the overwhelming sense has been that God was showing us pictures describing Mozambique, right down to the colour of the earth there and the direction of the prevailing winds.  So, we’re going to follow where God leads, and will be heading to Mozambique to work in partnership with IRIS Ministries, an organisation that specialises in compassionate ministries.  We’re going to drive up through South Africa and spend a couple of weeks in White River before moving on to Maputo and Dondo.


The fine details are still being worked out, but it’s good to have a confirmed location.  There are several different ministries that we will be able to help with at the IRIS bases: visiting prisons, serving in orphanages, teaching in schools, visiting in hospitals, and working with locals around a rubbish dump, so there should be plenty to keep us busy.

As a team, we’re just excited to go and serve the people there in any way that we can.  We’ve been busy sorting out vaccinations and visas, but also preparing testimonies and dramas to help us share God’s Word.  Over the next few weeks we’re also going to be trying to learn some useful phrases Portuguese and Sena, one of the main African languages around the Dondo area.

At the moment, the main prayer point would be finance, as there are a couple of people in our group that don’t yet have the money to go.  We’ve already witnessed God’s provision in amazing ways over the last 6 weeks, with people feeling prompted to give mobile phones and cameras away to bless others, only to immediately receive back the same or better from others.  This kind of generous giving and living by faith has made us realise that when you listen and obey God, He will always provide for you.

So, although we need finances, we’re not worried about them.  If God wants to use us to reach people in Mozambique, then He will make sure that we all get there.


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