The life theologic – Always where I need to be


Apart from being the title of a song by The Kooks, today I’m realising yet again that this is so true of God.  He is always a few steps ahead of me, exactly where I need to be, trying to get me to meet Him there.

This morning I woke up feeling pretty rubbish.  That’s getting a lot less frequent now, thankfully, so it took me a bit by surprise, but never-the-less, there I was feeling betrayed and hurt all over again.  The biggest sticking point in my mind was, how was it fair that I had waited patiently (-ish) for so long for God to provide me with someone to love, only to have them leave?  That’s not the way the fairy tale is supposed to go.  And the fairy tale can happen.  I’ve seen it.  Girl waits patiently for Boy, Boy is supplied by God, Girl and Boy get married and ride off into the sunset for a life filled with happiness and at least 3 children.  So why didn’t that happen for me?

Needless to say, that kind of thinking does not make for a happy or productive day, but fear not, as my true knight in shining armour was about to come to the rescue!

I was scrolling through Facebook on a “quick break from writing” when I spotted a blog post a friend of mine had shared.  Now, this guy is a serial ‘sharer’, and it’s usually political stuff, so I don’t normally stop to take a look, but for some reason today I clicked the link and found this:

Every word in that post seemed to be directed straight at me.  The number of times I too have used and abused Jeremiah 29:11, applying it to my own petty desires and situations.  We often treat God as some kind of magical vending machine, just waiting to give us whatever we want if only we ask for it, and forget that what we should be asking for is to become more like Him.  It was definitely an eye-opener, and exactly what I needed to hear today.

God knew what I was feeling today even before I told Him about it, and He forced the answer on me even though I told Him I didn’t want to talk about it.  We might try to shut Him out from time to time to spare ourselves the pain of addressing certain situations, but He will never let go of us, and I’m so grateful for that fact.

It’s too hot for my brain to come up with anything particularly deep or witty to end with, so I’m going to steal someone else’s brains instead.

You go before me; you’re there beside me,

And if I wander, love will find me,

Goodness and mercy will always follow,

You go before me, My Guardian



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