The life artistic – et voila! … eventually


I will happily confess to being a complete shocker when it comes to finishing craft projects.  I’m really good at starting them and tend to be very enthusiastic, until I hit the teeniest snag at which point whatever I’m making ends up in a pile on the floor of my wardrobe.  Forgotten.  But this is a story of redemption.  Of the one that was rescued from the project graveyard and given a second chance.

So, this story begins in 2010 when I decided it would be a really good idea to make a dress to wear to my friend’s wedding.  I’d already made the dress I wore to my Graduation Ball, so I knew I could do it, and you would never get that awkward moment when you realise you’re wearing the same dress as someone else.  It seemed fool-proof.  I found the perfect pattern online and happily went fabric shopping.

P1020760    P1020761

Things were going well until I had finished the bodice, at which point I realized that it didn’t suit me.  Well, needless to say that was a wardrobe floor worthy crime.  And there it stayed until about 2 months ago when a few more wedding invites started to roll in.  I decided it was time to resurrect this dress and perform some pretty major surgery.  With the loss of its sleeves and a different neckline I finally decided that I liked it, so, 3 years later than expected, it was finally finished.

P1020767    P1020765

I wore it to my Grandma’s 80th birthday party last weekend and it survived a 3 hour train journey and an afternoon with 3 dogs in remarkably good shape.

Oh, and since Easter has now been and gone I decided to break my baking fast with Malteaser Cupcakes!

P1020757    P1020759

It was soooooooo nice to be back in the kitchen!  Just need to find some willing volunteers to eat them now …


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